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US-5327591-A: Three frame convertible futon sofa bed patent, US-6170696-B1: Sealing container patent, US-6220797-B1: Surface treated steel cutting tool patent, US-6401121-B1: File server load distribution system and method patent, US-6600481-B1: Data entry apparatus and method patent, US-4120123-A: Structural cap and composite structure for buildings and the like patent, US-4688446-A: Connecting rod manufacture patent, US-5988756-A: Method of making a vehicle seat, and a vehicle seat made by the method patent, US-6143553-A: Process and materials for removing pollutants patent, US-6276653-B1: Seat suspension for a vehicle patent, US-6371361-B1: Soldering alloy, cream solder and soldering method patent, US-6695977-B2: Use of chiral, uncharged metal compounds as dopants for liquid-crystalline materials patent, US-6714350-B2: Double sided wire grid polarizer patent, US-4517073-A: Hydrocracking process and catalyst therefor patent, US-5382693-A: Bis(aminophenoxy)-alpha-substituted stilbenes patent, US-6569970-B2: Aqueous (meth)acrylate polymer dispersion patent, US-6703462-B2: Stabilized polymer film and its manufacture patent, US-5942016-A: Moving cleaner patent, US-6748509-B2: Memory component with configurable multiple transfer formats patent, US-4385074-A: Quick cooking rice and process for making the same patent, US-4603530-A: Wall element patent, US-4832743-A: Gold plating solutions, creams and baths patent, US-5362543-A: Pressure-compensating compositions and pads made therefrom patent, US-6151686-A: Managing an information retrieval problem patent, US-6454345-B1: Rail vehicle body patent, US-5484234-A: Building module for plantable walls with a bulk filling material patent, US-6018293-A: Methods and apparatus for providing securities and stock quotations to an occupant of a vehicle patent, US-6247600-B1: Paint strainer patent, US-6319336-B1: Permanent magnet alloy having improved heat resistance and process for production thereof patent, US-6614167-B1: Electron source, image forming apparatus, and manufacture method for electron source patent, US-4768851-A: Fiber optic modal coupler, interferometer and method of coupling spatial modes using same patent, US-6179857-B1: Stretch resistant embolic coil with variable stiffness patent, US-6592557-B2: Partial aortic occlusion devices and methods for cerebral perfusion augmentation patent, US-5490961-A: Method for manufacturing a mineral fiber product patent, US-6030428-A: Porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, process for producing the same, sheet-form polytetrafluoroethylene molding, and air filter medium patent, US-6759488-B1: Molecularly imprinted polymers grafted on solid supports patent, US-6526704-B1: Padded raised flooring panels and coverings patent, US-6063306-A: Chemical mechanical polishing slurry useful for copper/tantalum substrate patent, US-5125533-A: Variable blending dispenser patent, US-5765702-A: Wheeled merchandise display rack patent, US-6401174-B1: Multiprocessing computer system employing a cluster communication error reporting mechanism patent, US-6766309-B1: Method and system for adapting a network application based on classifying types of communication links using fuzzy logic patent, US-5532127-A: Assay for 1-CAM related protein expression patent, US-5627482-A: Electronic digital clock distribution system patent, US-6163258-A: Toy that provides an indication when an end user consumes a consumable substance patent, US-5202256-A: Bioadhesive precursor protein expression vectors patent, US-6480962-B1: System and method for protecting a client during runtime from hostile downloadables patent, US-5976099-A: Method and apparatus to medically treat soft tissue damage lymphedema or edema patent, US-6514775-B2: In-situ end point detection for semiconductor wafer polishing patent, US-5878851-A: Controllable vibration apparatus patent, US-5695805-A: Multistrand twist cereal pieces patent, US-6598026-B1: Methods and apparatus for brokering transactions patent, US-4866248-A: Hair curling iron for providing three-dimensional Z-shaped curls patent, US-5812937-A: Broadcast data system with multiple-tuner receiver patent, US-5981091-A: Article including thermal barrier coated superalloy substrate patent, US-5826065-A: Software architecture for stochastic simulation of non-homogeneous systems patent, US-5644776-A: Data processing system and method for random access formatting of a portion of a large hierarchical electronically published document with descriptive markup patent, US-6700028-B2: Advances in dehydrogenation catalysis patent, US-5071595-A: Water carbonator system patent, US-6652897-B1: Decorating a cake with a printed edible sheet by using an ink jet printer patent, US-5519248-A: Circuits for ESD protection of metal-to-metal antifuses during processing patent, US-6473858-B1: Method and apparatus for broadcasting data with access control patent, US-5484719-A: Vaccines produced and administered through edible plants patent, US-6786338-B1: Modular rack for compact discs patent, US-5544650-A: Automated specimen classification system and method patent, US-6379927-B1: Retinoblastoma fusion proteins patent, US-6751205-B2: Signaling and protocol for communication system with wireless trunk patent, US-6455554-B1: Oxopyridinyl pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use patent, US-6355419-B1: Preparation of pools of nucleic acids based on representation in a sample patent, US-6156728-A: Treatment of inner ear hair cells patent, US-6778276-B2: System and method for sensing white paper patent, US-6640229-B1: Automatic management of terms in a user profile in a knowledge management system patent, US-5623807-A: Method for applying a band about a sheet of material and a pot or floral grouping patent, US-5919159-A: Medical injection system and method, gas spring thereof and launching device using gas spring patent, US-6381017-B2: Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object patent, US-387475-A: Mode of securing the fastenings of drilling-tools patent, US-392158-A: Method of connecting filaments to leading-in wires patent, US-400920-A: Nathaniel w patent, US-412517-A: And george h patent, US-426434-A: David campbell patent, US-43256-A: Improvement in chain-pump chains patent, US-434258-A: Burner for gas or vapor stoves patent, US-4427961-A: Chip type high frequency coil device patent, US-4433948-A: Cutter for a crankshaft milling machine patent, US-509390-A: paine patent, US-540643-A: Aerial ladder patent, US-544670-A: Cider-press patent, US-571399-A: Telephone-transmitter patent, US-574906-A: Chain patent, US-580030-A: Ore-concentrator patent, US-585680-A: Water-tube steam-boiler patent, US-606767-A: Speed measurer patent, US-618704-A: Hiram stevens maxim patent, US-634351-A: Gate. patent, US-636203-A: Electric resistance. patent, US-6436648-B1: Chimeric viral proteins patent, US-654034-A: Tension mechanism for fence-building apparatus. patent, US-676536-A: Fire-kindler or similar apparatus for mixing air and fluid. patent, US-679100-A: Ore-washer. patent, US-3934403-A: Fixation of double conducting hairspring patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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